User agreements

By using the system, you as a user agree to the following regulations:

1. the user undertakes to use the system and data contained therein properly.

2. proper use means in particular:
- Refrain from any improper use
- Cease and desist from criminal and unlawful acts
- Refraining from any violation of legal regulations
- Refrain from any interference with the privacy of third parties
- Refrain from any compromise of confidentiality
- Refraining from any compromise of the system's safety precautions.
- Refrain from all actions that jeopardize data security
- Use of a user ID only by a natural person, i.e. the same user ID must not be user ID may not be used by different persons
- Obligation to maintain the secrecy of passwords or immediate change of the Password, if knowledge by third parties is to be feared

3. if the user violates the above-mentioned obligations, he shall be liable to Concept Partner Energie liable to pay compensation for any damage incurred.

4. if the user violates the above-mentioned obligations, the provider is entitled, after unsuccessful warning, to exclude the customer from using the system.